ABOUT THE DUSTBOMBERS: psychedelic, wave and noise

Dustbombers - promofoto 01 - D - By Pim Geerts


– Promotional photos (High resolution, Zip-file, by Pim Geerts)
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– Artwork (for Public Beta – 2015, jpg)
– Artwork by Kasper Hempen (for Dustbombers LP – 2016, jpg)
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About the Dustbombers

Loud, dark and noisy: The Dustbombers is a psychedelic wave and noise band from Arnhem/Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
The band uses electronic beats with loud fuzzguitar, bass and vocals. Nothing light and easy, but riff fueled dark and intense music.  The band sounds like a crossover between Savage Republic, Distorted Pony, Unwound and Deception Bay with some added psychedelica and a heavy beat.

The band was formed in 2012 by Erik Drost (Legendary Pink Dots) and Joost Reijnders. Both had some experience in other bands, but once formed they were focused: their music had to be intense, noisy and loud, based on an electronic beat.

In 2013 the Dustbombers released their first demo, called [DEMO] and started doing gigs. They performed live a.o. with Tera Melos. In 2015 they released their second EP called Public Beta, which was nominated for best EP 2015 by 3voor12/gelderland. A full length album was released may 2016 and got some pretty reviews: dark, cold, even scary music for those cold winternights.

The Dustbombers:

Erik Drost: guitar
Joost Reijnders: bassguitar, vocals, programming